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Hurunui River Experiences



Energy Jet complies with the highest in New Zealand Maritime standards in both driver training and boat maintenance

Commercial jet boating is a highly safety conscious industry subject to rigorous regulatory control and Energy Jet aims to meet and exceed these standards
Both Tim and Mike have over 45-years combined jet boating experience, mainly on the Hurunui River. The family farm is located 5 minutes from the river and is constantly monitored and boated for changing conditions

Jet Boat

Energy Jet operates a New Zealand made Hamilton Jet 171 which is surveyed to carry 8 passengers. Power is supplied from a 350hp Mercruiser v8 motor and Hamilton Jet 212 pump. This combination allows for great speed but most importantly safety in the variety of conditions on the Hurunui. The boat is checked daily and routinely serviced and monitored.

What we supply:

Energy Jet - Safety

What to bring:

You can never be too warm on a jet boat but you can easily be too cold!

Energy Jet - Safety
Energy Jet - Safety